Appropriation Everyday

Appropriation Everyday


Majoratively about appropriation (the definition, it’s use both in its beginning and current time, and a method of doing so). it reviews the movements and artists who exemplify its use to a momentous point in which became iconoclastic and unforgettable.


I can really see the implications and can quickly connect to all the examples. while reading it it really gets your head cranking out ideas and possibilities due to all the logos and numerous methods of getting information at us and to us if not by our own will then in relation to something we are looking up or watching.

being an artist its almost a easy task, yet with thinking about it it becomes harder to actually make an effective art piece that is easily conveyed in idea and effectiveness.


One thought on “Appropriation Everyday

  1. Heidi May

    Here are some points for improvement as you work towards finalizing the structure and formatting of your blog. Feel free to erase this comment after you have attended to them.
    – Please put your name somewhere on this site to not only take ownership of your words but so that others in the class can easily identify and remember that it is your blog (helpful in case they have additional comments/feedback in the face-to-face class). Your name could be in the Site name or Tagline at the top, or even just on your About page.
    – Sooner than later, create ‘Categories’ for your blog posts by going to Dashboard > Posts > Categories. Create a category for each of the themes/modules from the course site and if you plan on having ‘extra’ posts that are not in direct connection to the course readings and resources, than you will need to make an ‘Extra’ / ‘Personal’ category for those
    – Once you have done that, you may choose to go back into the earlier posts you made on your blog and either categories that as this or delete them (I think it’s great to include extra posts so please feel free to tie things into this course from your other daily/art/visual culture interests)

    Blog Post Comments:
    – Expand on the Summary since it does not reach the 100 word minimum. This will allow you to come up with a real word for “majoratively” (which I believe is a made up word — or if there is some creative reason for using this made-up work, make it apparent).
    – In your Response, you state that you can really see the implications – what are they? (at least, in your opinion)
    – The second sentence includes some really great ideas but you need to rewrite it so that they ideas are easily communicated to the reader. I also encourage you to expand a bit and discuss what you mean by “possibilities”?
    – The second paragraph is also not written well, but I can see you have good ideas. And then I encourage you to expand on the point you make of… Whyis appropriation in art not merely an easy task?
    – Clean up the writing and then you may choose to come back and expand on the points before the blog is assessed.


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