A talk about artists blogs.


Basically, this blog post itself, from an blogging artist whom follows other blogging artists, gives his opinions on what the cause may be to the sad, sad occurrence of failing blogs by artists for their art and why they cant seem to save them. he points to how people use the blog itself and how artists misuse it and can do so without realizing it.

and the response is…

i personally found this eye opening. i posted this in response mainly to project one (which was the blog itself) and two my horrible blogging skills. Ive never seen the relevance of myself as an artists having a blog (save a deviant art account just to have my work out there) due to me on,e having little confidence in my work despite what my peers say, and two i dont say a lot anyway so it’d be futile to even try and do so.

but, this really does open an eye for me in the sense i did believe it was the art that brought the attraction to a blog; instead, its the person and their self that brings people to their art. so, take notes. i did.


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