Parkour as a form of appropriation art


Of the top; it’s a rundown of parkour’s definition, meaning, and some videos demonstrating basic techniques and advanced techniques. It focuses on mainly exposing it to the layman and introduce it in a way that doesn’t overpower or overwhelm them and instead shows them its simplistic and ease at its base level and as an artform.

I personally think parkour, as a practitioner(Tracuer), is a legitimate art form according to the nature of other physical arts such as yoga or karate. An art is something one put themselves into and creates based on their influences and experiences and i see this even more so as an appropriated art. I was taught by a close friend the ropes and such of how to do most of the basic fundamental moves for it, using his methods as a base, and from then on, it was like speed painting; whatever came to mind at the time, do it as if it were natural while trying to maintain your control.

I have long since developed my own style of parkour, and my colleagues have their own, which marks them differ from every other, even though we’ve learned from each other, we’ve appropriated what we see each other do and use it in our own way, one that only natural to us. the freerunners appropriate tricks and flips as the tracuers appropriate vaults and conditioning methods.

Its a well appropriated sport at its core.


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