A recent Appropriation gone wrong…


this is a article about a painter who’s been appropriating photographs taken by photographer and using them to make paintings of her own. recently, she was sued by said photographer and actually lost…originally; she is currently in the process of an appeal to overturn the decision.

Personally, i think this is a great example of how unnoticed appropriations go and with such running lengths of time; in this case, both individuals had made successful careers for themselves, and were totally independent of each other in their own respects until one saw (potential) harm in the other appropriating his works.

a point made in the article which i firmly agree with: “At the end of the day, however much you appropriate — whatever you’re commenting on — before you can have a copyright violation you have to show damages. You have to show that the person from whom you borrowed has been economically injured.”  its stands to reason on the grounds that as long as one loses nothing from their works being employed in another’s work, then no case can be made.

Hopefully they win the appeal..


3 thoughts on “A recent Appropriation gone wrong…

  1. chelseakiffin

    This reminds me of the lawsuit that went on between the photographer and graphic designer of that famous blue and red Obama picture. The graphic designer won, but not before dishing out tons of money fighting the lawsuit. I do agree with the point “You have to show that the person from whom you borrowed has been economically injured.” But this also shows us that the graphic designer who made chump change, was just as greedy as the photographer. They both want the credit and (non existant) money.

  2. realtalkblog1

    Appropriation when it comes to art or anything else in the world will continue to be a issue to people who become extremely possessive of their work. It’s understood that most people want recognition for their time and commitment to their craft but it should never come to a point where the law is involved for appropriation like this is being discussed. I guess i would be upset if someone was to draw on my pictures too but i dont think it was worth taking anybody to court. Thats just my opinion..

  3. padillayadira

    I was once told that that most artists have a small fear that their work will be appropriated and that the new work will be more successful than their own and not receive credit. I believe this to be true in some cases because if it wasn’t then art being appropriated wouldn’t be such a big problem. Although appropriation has a lot of problems, I think that everyone needs to accept that all art work is inspired by others. As artists, one only understands and appreciates art if one is exposed to it. Thus one is always being inspired by surrounding art. There is a book which I can not remember the name to save my life that explores this idea further.


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