This is a short, 3 page article/paper on participatory art. it goes on to tell of the origins of participatory art and its most prominent artists to bring it to light. it also goes on to include types of participation art and examples implored by artists from the 60s to today.

i found it helpful mainly when thinking of the depths that participatory art has had not just in the 20th century but prior to; all art is participatory, from ancient Roman sculptures to New York City graffiti art (as in the experience of viewing it and experiencing it is a participatory action). in my mind, i never really noticed or thought of it like that until now in respect to ancient works of art. plus it was helpful in giving me ideas to my own project^^.


3 thoughts on “Partisipashun

  1. Nikki Royster

    I think it always best to know about somethings history befor getting into somethings future.When focusing on the past you can see how and what worked and how to incorporate it to make new happening whether it be in art or in everyday life.

  2. chelseakiffin

    When I think about this work, I think about how art historians and archaeologists have found graffiti dating back to the stone age. I also think its interesting to think about how we as humans love to share our ideas and thoughts with the entire world by painting/spraying it on a wall. While most people think of it as an eyesore, there is a beauty behind it.

    1. CalvinCoy

      I don’t agree with that definition of participatory art. To say it is participatory because of the audience member’s viewing experience takes away from its meaning. Participatory art as referenced to now-a-days, is when an audience member participates in the creation of the artwork as well as the viewing experience!


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