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Remediation Reverse

this article expresses the idea of reverse remediation through Evelien Lohbeck’s multimedia artwork noteboek (2008). it goes on to delve into the depths of remediation’s execution and end result, and the concepts of hypermediacy and immediacy. it goes on to also describe reversed remediation, and how that can be used as a method as effective as remediation itself and possibly be more than due to its unsettling presence in artworks pertaining to it.


my response to it is it first off being helpful to the project at hand. its a totally different take in the project while still retaining its pertinence to it. reversed remediation isn’t something i for one thought to even attempt so to read of it and understand it is fundamental almost to better understanding the current project and would help enhance its outcome.

secondly it was just interesting; the artwork, noteboek, was realy an interesting mulitimedia piece. it was immersive and really helped show reversed remediation at work.