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Remediation Reverse

this article expresses the idea of reverse remediation through Evelien Lohbeck’s multimedia artwork noteboek (2008). it goes on to delve into the depths of remediation’s execution and end result, and the concepts of hypermediacy and immediacy. it goes on to also describe reversed remediation, and how that can be used as a method as effective as remediation itself and possibly be more than due to its unsettling presence in artworks pertaining to it.


my response to it is it first off being helpful to the project at hand. its a totally different take in the project while still retaining its pertinence to it. reversed remediation isn’t something i for one thought to even attempt so to read of it and understand it is fundamental almost to better understanding the current project and would help enhance its outcome.

secondly it was just interesting; the artwork, noteboek, was realy an interesting mulitimedia piece. it was immersive and really helped show reversed remediation at work.



This is a short, 3 page article/paper on participatory art. it goes on to tell of the origins of participatory art and its most prominent artists to bring it to light. it also goes on to include types of participation art and examples implored by artists from the 60s to today.

i found it helpful mainly when thinking of the depths that participatory art has had not just in the 20th century but prior to; all art is participatory, from ancient Roman sculptures to New York City graffiti art (as in the experience of viewing it and experiencing it is a participatory action). in my mind, i never really noticed or thought of it like that until now in respect to ancient works of art. plus it was helpful in giving me ideas to my own project^^.


A recent Appropriation gone wrong…


this is a article about a painter who’s been appropriating photographs taken by photographer and using them to make paintings of her own. recently, she was sued by said photographer and actually lost…originally; she is currently in the process of an appeal to overturn the decision.

Personally, i think this is a great example of how unnoticed appropriations go and with such running lengths of time; in this case, both individuals had made successful careers for themselves, and were totally independent of each other in their own respects until one saw (potential) harm in the other appropriating his works.

a point made in the article which i firmly agree with: “At the end of the day, however much you appropriate — whatever you’re commenting on — before you can have a copyright violation you have to show damages. You have to show that the person from whom you borrowed has been economically injured.”  its stands to reason on the grounds that as long as one loses nothing from their works being employed in another’s work, then no case can be made.

Hopefully they win the appeal..


Parkour as a form of appropriation art


Of the top; it’s a rundown of parkour’s definition, meaning, and some videos demonstrating basic techniques and advanced techniques. It focuses on mainly exposing it to the layman and introduce it in a way that doesn’t overpower or overwhelm them and instead shows them its simplistic and ease at its base level and as an artform.

I personally think parkour, as a practitioner(Tracuer), is a legitimate art form according to the nature of other physical arts such as yoga or karate. An art is something one put themselves into and creates based on their influences and experiences and i see this even more so as an appropriated art. I was taught by a close friend the ropes and such of how to do most of the basic fundamental moves for it, using his methods as a base, and from then on, it was like speed painting; whatever came to mind at the time, do it as if it were natural while trying to maintain your control.

I have long since developed my own style of parkour, and my colleagues have their own, which marks them differ from every other, even though we’ve learned from each other, we’ve appropriated what we see each other do and use it in our own way, one that only natural to us. the freerunners appropriate tricks and flips as the tracuers appropriate vaults and conditioning methods.

Its a well appropriated sport at its core.


A talk about artists blogs.


Basically, this blog post itself, from an blogging artist whom follows other blogging artists, gives his opinions on what the cause may be to the sad, sad occurrence of failing blogs by artists for their art and why they cant seem to save them. he points to how people use the blog itself and how artists misuse it and can do so without realizing it.

and the response is…

i personally found this eye opening. i posted this in response mainly to project one (which was the blog itself) and two my horrible blogging skills. Ive never seen the relevance of myself as an artists having a blog (save a deviant art account just to have my work out there) due to me on,e having little confidence in my work despite what my peers say, and two i dont say a lot anyway so it’d be futile to even try and do so.

but, this really does open an eye for me in the sense i did believe it was the art that brought the attraction to a blog; instead, its the person and their self that brings people to their art. so, take notes. i did.

Appropriation Everyday

Appropriation Everyday


Majoratively about appropriation (the definition, it’s use both in its beginning and current time, and a method of doing so). it reviews the movements and artists who exemplify its use to a momentous point in which became iconoclastic and unforgettable.


I can really see the implications and can quickly connect to all the examples. while reading it it really gets your head cranking out ideas and possibilities due to all the logos and numerous methods of getting information at us and to us if not by our own will then in relation to something we are looking up or watching.

being an artist its almost a easy task, yet with thinking about it it becomes harder to actually make an effective art piece that is easily conveyed in idea and effectiveness.