Project 3

Moving Still (project 3)

a stop motion video/narrative with no voiceovers but with subtle music and effective progressions to convey a story! ….or part of one.


This is my final Piece: iM ona Trip


the piece was once again focusing on social media and its impact and affect on our day to day experiences. In this scenario, a girl went on a trip to a relatives home and due to popular process, she spent the trip texting away, missing what people used to consider apart of the trip such as seeing beautiful land, gorgeous skies and even, at best, glimpses of Disney Land as she passes it.

as we continue to move on in our lives, the underlying need to be connected to people grows. as for a reason, i tie it to a phrase overused over the past few months or year ,”YOLO”.
people want people to be around or feel as if they are around to make them feel comfortable in situations or just in general. sometimes its even as if they are on a trip with them and they can talk about what one saw and the other can only imagine.

its a tricky thing, but the roles of having friends along for trips or outings seems sometimes to not include people at all but one person.


Warm up works for the Moving Still Project:

Sequenced Sidewalk copy

Attempted look of a comic book format…halftones would have hurt the eyes too much but the effect still comes across i beileve.

And the original image; I didn’t take this picture; i found it on google images and appropriated it into a sequential artfrom for the previous exercise:



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