Project 4

me my we and i copy

Project 4 Particapatory Project

This is titled; me, myself, us and we. the idea is from the before i die wall and elaborated on its level of participation it calls for from the writers on the wall.

the wall is an collaboration of people from a multitude of backgrounds with no filter other than the individual itself. the reason behind the silhouettes is to highlight how the wall is people themselves and how when it comes to the interaction they are only what they put from their wall of life so to speak.

due to lack of participation…i appropriated others experience they took from the wall by using pictures of walls from google images. i also wanted it to have a aesthetic pull for the viewers who look at it like the walls themselves to want to read the wall and the silhouettes themselves as if the people were the wall.

i wanted the

Sadly, this is the only Type of participation i could muster


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